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A page that purports to teach others to use HTML, or to be a reference, will itself fail validation. — Flavell’s Law

This is the main page for Web Design: Basic Principles. Hover over the button below, and the menu for the Principles pages will appear.

Unfortunately, not everyone’s browser will support the spiffy JavaScript menu behind that innocent-looking button. If your browser won’t display the menu, just click on the button and you’ll be taken to a separate page with the entire menu displayed in clear, non-JavaScript HTML.

There’s way too much talk about CSS and XHTML and Standards and Accessibility and not enough about people. CSS and Standards Compliant Code are just tools — you have to know what to build with those tools. Great, I’m glad your UI [user interface] doesn’t use tables. So what? Who cares if it still doesn’t let people achieve their goals? — Jason Fried

This page is the gateway to the Web Design Principles area. There are many individual pages on various aspects of HTML, CSS, and other subjects. Everything can be accessed through the menu above. Enjoy!