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Pet Care 101

This is not a fully developed primer for pet care. It is designed to aid in teaching owners and guardians to recognize when their animals are in stress during outdoor events, and how to address the problems quickly and effectively. It is also designed for pet comfort station managers and volunteers to spot and address problems.

Heat Exhaustion: Keep your pet (or your participants’ pets) cool and happy with these tips

If your pet shows ANY of the following signs, get your pet to the Water Paws Booth as soon as possible.

If your pet shows ANY of the following signs, it is essential you get your pet to Water Paws, or better yet, leave and get your pet to an emergency vet immediately. Your pet is in critical danger with any of these signs.

Water Paws volunteers should always know the name and location of the nearest emergency vet, and have directions to get there.

More information on pet first aid and pet care

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One quick method for testing your dog or cat for dehydration is to “pinch” up the skin on his or her neck. A well-hydrated animal’s skin will return to normal immediately. A dehydrated animal’ skin will remain “tented” for several moments.

If your animal is suffering from sticky eyes, has sticky saliva, or fails the “pinch” test, he is suffering from dehydration and very possibly from heat exhaustion. Getting him or her cared for at the pet comfort station is a good short-term solution, but you need to take your pet to the veterinarian. If your pet is suffering from diarrhea or vomiting, or worse, is stumbling, shaking, having a seizure, or is semi-conscious, you need to drop everything and get your pet to the vet immediately.