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Stalin foreign policy speech initiates "Cold War"
atomic bomb explosion

Atomic bomb explodes on Bikini Atoll

US begins new technology development for spying on USSR
First Indochina war; Viet Mihn insurgents battle French, British forces.
Venona Project


Truman Doctrine
Executive Order 9835, the "Loyalty Oath."
Marshall Plan
National Security Act of 1947

1947 - 1948

House UnAmerican Activities Committee begins investigation of Hollywood


1947 - 1956

HUAC/McCarthy investigations


Israel is formed and is immediately attacked by Arab enemies
Murder of journalist George Polk, the "first casualty of the Cold War;" investigation into his murder is stonewalled by the CIA and by American media figures
West Berlin blockade; Berlin Airlift
Alger Hiss accused of spying for USSR
Dewey Defeats Truman headline
Truman joyously displays the erroneous Chicago Tribune headline