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CIA officials murder Iraqi prisoner. Baghdad CIA station chief hounded into resigning over grim assessment of rising insurgency; other CIA officers learn to keep their assessments rosy. US military commanders dispute Bush claim that foreign fighters are majority of Iraqi insurgents. Scapegoating of US intelligence. Congress finds Bush administration misled public about Iraq. $87 billion Iraq spending bill signed into law. Last-ditch Iraqi effort to comply with inspections and terror investigation spurned, press learns. North Korean nuclear belligerence. Halliburton overcharges US government for gasoline. Huge new troop deployments to Iraq. Intelligence and Pentagon officials lambast Bush administration on distorting case for Iraq war. Illegal fundraising tactics by GOP. Devastating CIA report on instability in Iraq. Documents prove CIA masterminded 1973 Allende assassination. CPA announces it will turn over political power to an Iraqi government by June 30, 2004. Bush fights for expanded use of battlefield nuclear weapons. Bush insists on extreme "lockdown" security measures for his trip to London. Theft of Democratic computer files by Republican operatives. Bush's visit to London. Richard Perle admits illegality of Iraqi invasion. Police riot during Miami protests. GOP orchestrates Medicare bill passage by breaking House rules. Domestic terror case ignored by media. Domestic terror case ignored by media. Secretive Thanksgiving visit to Baghdad by Bush.


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