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November 2001 map of al-Qaeda activity in Middle East
A Nov. 2001 State Department map of Middle Eastern countries where al-Qaeda is active. Iraq, marked with an arrow, is conspicuously absent from active countries. The map can be found here; the State Department has scrubbed the original map from its Web site.
Influential American media reports of Hussein's involvement in 9/11 based on fraudulent information from an imposter

"Do you have blacks, too?" George W. Bush, to Brazilian President Fernando Cardoso, Nov. 8, 2001 (Brazil has one of the largest populations of African descent in the Western Hemisphere.)

Investigation proves Florida recounts would have given election to Gore; media misrepresents findings
Tora Bora escape allows bin Laden to flee
  • November 20: The US Embassy in Niamey, Niger, cables Washington to inform officials that there is no credible evidence that Iraq attempted to purchase uranium from Niger.

    Iraq-Niger scandal

    The Director-General of the French consortium that oversees all of Niger's uranium transactions has told the US ambassador that "there was no possibility" that Niger had diverted any of the uranium from its two mines to Iraq. (Frank Rich [PDF file])
  • Bush asks Rumsfeld to begin planning for Iraq invasion