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J. Edgar Hoover

J. Parnell Thomas

Jack Anderson

Jack Burkman in Damage Control: Wanker

Jack Huberman, Author of The Bush-Hater's Handbook: A Guide to the Most Appalling Presidency of the Past 100 Years

Jack Ryan Defends His Character Following Sex Revelations

Jackson Compares FEMA Contracts to 'White-Collar Looting'

Jackson State Killings

Jacobo Arbenz Guzman

Jailed For 34 Days, Tribune Reporter Writes: What I Saw in Darfur

Jailed 2 Years, Iraqi Tells of Abuse by Americans

James Byrd Jr.

James Dobson

James G. Watt

James Lee Witt to the Rescue - Again

James Leon Holmes

James Moore, Author of Bush's Brain and the Forthcoming Bush's War for Reelection, Comes to the Defense of the Man Who Accuses the Bush Cartel of Cleansing Bush's National Guard Records

James Moore, Author of Bush's War For Reelection: Iraq, The White House, And The People

James Risen

James Webb's Navy Cross

Jane's: U.S. Mulling Hizbullah Strikes

January 20

Japan May Not Send Forces to Iraq, Government Spokesman Says

Japan Reportedly Paying Y10 Billion (75,052,849 EUR) to Iraqis to Guard SDF

Japanese American Internment

Jason Burke, Author of "Al-Qaeda: Casting a Shadow of Terror"

Jawaharlal Nehru

Jay Bybee

Jean Schmidt

Jeb Bush Ally Suspended Over E-Mails,1,2917046.story

Jeb Bush Grilled on Voting Irregularities

Jeff Cohen: Sick Puppy Meets Media Beast

Jeff Greenfield This Afternoon on the Barack Obama/al Qaida Link...

Jefferson County Voters Continue To Raise Concerns About Voting Machines

Jenna Bush on Charity Spree

Jennifer Fitzgerald

Jeremy Scahill Goes Inside Blackwater, the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army

Jerry Falwell Foot in Mouth Disease

Jesse Ventura

The Jesus Landing Pad,perlstein,53582,1.html

Jewish Groups Irked by Cross on Republican Podium

JFK Assassination Timeline

JFK: How the Media Assassinated the Real Story

J.F.K., Marilyn, 'Camelot'

Jim Jeffords

Jim Jones

Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter Says U.S.' Rights Missteps Embolden Dictators

Jobless Claims Rise to 16-Month High

Jocelyn Elders

Joe Conason: Our Iraqi Friends Befriend Our Enemies

Joe Conason's Journal: Sept. 4, 2003

Joe Klein Seeks to Master the Art of Revisionist Journalism (Forgetting He Lives in the Time of the Internet)

Joe Lieberman Abandons Presidential Bid,1282,-3705830,00.html

Joe Lieberman Joins Big Brother

Joe Wilson Once Again Under Character Assassination Attack by the GOP Junk Yard Dogs: His Response

Joe Wilson Vindicated

John Boehner = Denny Hastert, at Least -- Plus, Key Questions For Tom Reynolds

John Bonifaz, Author of Warrior-King: The Case for Impeaching George W. Bush

John Dean

John Dean, Former White House Counsel to Richard Nixon and Author of Worse Than Watergate: The Secret Presidency of George W. Bush

John Kerry Grills Belgium Ambassador Nominee Over Swift Boat Donation,2933,255341,00.html

The John Kerry Nonsense

John Kerry Responds to Secretary O'Neill's Iraq Charges

John Kerry Slams Bush's "Raw Deal" For America

John Kerry's Desperate Hours

John Kerry's First Purple Heart

John McCain

The John McCain Charade

John McCain's Skeleton Closet

John Murtha

John O'Neill Is a GOP Hack

John Paul Stevens

John Perry Barlow 2.0

Johnson Able to Retain Senate Seat Even in Prolonged Absence

Joint Appearance Stirs Speculation

Joint Chiefs Advise Change In War Strategy

Jon Carroll

Jon Stewart, the Immoderator

Jonathan Pollard

Jordan Fears Three Middle East Civil Wars

Jordan's King: Iraq Closer to Civil War Than Year Ago

Journal: Agency Blocked Hurricane Report;

Journalism, Cronyism, and Bob Packwood: What Took So Long, Anyway?

Journalism's Failure to Track Osama bin Laden

Journalist Allan Nairn: Reagan Was Behind "One Of The Most Intensive Campaigns Of Mass Murder In Recent History"

The Journalist and the Whistle-Blower

Journalists Freed by US Accuse Captors of Torture

Journalists Take Flak in Iraq

Journalists Testify That Libby Never Mentioned CIA Officer

Journalist Testifies in CIA Case

Washington Post

Joy of Sex Education,12271,1214046,00.html

Juan Williams to FOX's Warmongers: "...Sometimes I Just Want to Scream!"

Judge Allows 9/11 Suits to Proceed

Judge Blocks Ohio ID Rule for Absentees

Judge Blocks Vote Suppression Scheme

Judge Declares Mistrial In Court-Martial Of Lt. Ehren Watada

Judge Declares Mistrial in War Objector Case

Judge: Defense Misled Court About Libby,,-6416170,00.html

Judge Delays Trial for Padilla, Two Others

Judge: I Saw Police Commit Felonies

Judge OKs Suit Against Sen. Clinton,0,3457812.story

Judge Orders DNA Test of Neil Bush

Judge Orders Noe to Repay State $13.7 Million

Judge Orders Release of Energy Documents

Judge Questions Calling U.S. Citizen an Enemy

Judge Rips Lawyers in Detroit Terror Case,1282,-3499942,00.html

Judge Rules Against Rush,1,13160,00.html?tnews

Judge Rules for Media on Florida Voter List

Judge Rules US Troops Were 'Guinea Pigs' For Anthrax Jabs

Judge Says Court Was Close to Backing Gore,2763,549279,00.html

Judge Settles Fight Over Classified Info

Judge Strikes Down Bush on Terror Groups

Judge Tells Spain to Declassify CIA Flight Papers

Judge Throws Out Ship-Boarding Charges Against Greenpeace

Judge: Touchscreen Counties Must Be Able to Do Manual Recounts

Judicial Nominee Practiced Law Without License in Utah

Judith Miller and the Bloodbath in Iraq

Julius Robert Oppenheimer

July Surprise?

The Junk Science of George W. Bush

Juror Explains Libby Verdict: They Felt He Was 'Fall Guy'

Just a Note on Fred Kagan

Just Another Third Rate Burglary

Just Because the President's Deaf...

Just How Bizarre Have Things Become? Take This Quiz and Find Out

Just Shut Up!!

Just Whose Side is Pakistan Really On?,,2087-2310567.html

Justice Admits U.S. Attorney Was Forced Out

Justice Could Decide Leak Was Not a Crime

Justice Department Censors Supreme Court Quote

Justice Dept. Drops Abortion Record Hunt,1280,-3841955,00.html

Justice Dept. Concealing Leak Report

Justice Department Fires 8th U.S. Attorney

Justice Department Granted White House Delay On Order to Preserve Records in CIA Exposure Scandal

Justice Dept. Launches Criminal Probe of Leak

'Justice Department Legitimised Torture'

Justice Dept. OKs New Orleans Election Plan

Justice Dept. Rebukes U.S. Attorney in Md.

Justice Memos Explained How to Skip Prisoner Rights

Justice Dept. Must Clarify Role in Inquiry

Justice Department Opposes 'Sneak and Peek' Ban

Justice Department Probe Foiled

Justice Department Subpoenas Planned Parenthood Records

Justice Dept. Would Have Kept 'Loyal' Prosecutors

Justice Expands on Spy Program Details

Justice for Katie Sierra

Justice Goes Offshore and is Imprisoned

Justice Guantanamo Style

Justice in Wonderland

Justice Lawyer Explains Attorney Firings

Justice Official 'Horrified' Phone Call Was Seen as Threat

'Justice Will Be Delivered'

Justice's Loss of Balance?

Justices Loosen Miranda Restrictions

Justifications for Attacking Iran on Shaky Ground

Justin A. Frank, M.D., Author of "Bush on the Couch" Gets to the Heart of the Matter: We Have a Sociopath as President