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Brzezinski warns that Bush is manufacturing pretext for war with Iran, suggests that Bush may manufacture terrorist attack on US
Profit data shows that Exxon, other oil companies deliberately depressed oil prices in order to influence November elections

"The Bush administration is doing to the whole world what it did to New Orleans as Katrina began to descend on the city. By altering scientific research on global warming to fit his political agenda and refusing to take necessary steps to protect the public, President Bush has aggravated an impending environmental, public health, and security crisis." -- Green Party co-chair Rebecca Rotzler, quoted by The Nation

"Congress must recognize the Bush administration's tampering with studies on global warming and other scientific research as an impeachable offense. Ever since Vice President Cheney initiated private meetings with oil company representatives to determine energy policy, the administration has placed the demands for corporate profits over urgent human and environmental needs." -- Green Party treasurer Jody Grage, quoted by The Nation

"I'm not accusing you of committing a crime [in the Plame CIA leak]. But there are serious questions here, and you owe the nation not legalisms, but that 'stiff dose of truth' If you continue to stonewall, then you don't belong in office and you should resign." -- New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof to Dick Cheney, quoted by Editor and Publisher

Deputy Attorney General says Bush can ignore the law if he likes