Saturday, September 3

"It's not just Katrina that caused all these deaths in New Orleans here. Bureaucracy has committed murder here in the greater New Orleans area, and bureaucracy has to stand trial before Congress now." -- Aaron Broussard, president of Jefferson Parish

Sunday, September 4
Monday, September 5

"Complaints are still rampant in New Orleans about a lack of information. It's one of many running themes of the past week: There were no announcements in the Superdome during the storm, none to direct people after the storm, no official word (via bullhorn, leaflets or any other means) during the week-long, on-foot migration (and eventual stagnation) that defined life in the downtown section of the city for those first few days. One can't help but think that a single-engine plane towing a banner over the city would have been immeasurably helpful in both crowd and rumor control." -- NBC's Brian Williams

"Liberals don't want the homeless to hold a job that has any real promise. ...You [his audience] are morally superior to those liberal compassion fanatics.... You have a real job, they just beg for a living." -- Rush Limbaugh, quoted by Frontline

Tuesday, September 6
Wednesday, September 7