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Powell says US will leave Iraq if asked
Three Army divsions officially unready for combat
Rumsfeld's SAP at heart of Abu Ghraib scandal; Copper Green
Investigation documents the AARP's seduction by the GOP into supporting devastating Medicare legislation

Abuse documented at Guantanamo Bay prison facility
Rumsfeld proven to have authorized torture during interrogations
US and Britain block investigation into finances of arms runner Victor Bout

Powell says CIA misled about Iraqi WMDs
White House believes a terrorist attack on Washington will happen before the elections
HAVA exposed
Calls for investigation of links between Riggs Bank, the Bush family, and Riggs' laundering of terrorist funds
NBC refuses to allow footage of Bush to be used in a documentary because "unofficially, we don't think it makes the President look good"

Army may recall 6,500 retired soldiers to duty

Wolfowitz admits key errors in planning and says US forces will remain in Iraq indefinitely
Memos reveal legal steps taken to protect Bush officials from being charged with war crimes
More photos, of soldiers posing over an Iraqi beaten to death by CIA or civilian interrogators, released
Bush campaign accepts money from India, and outsources fundraising efforts to Indian call centers

Stories of children being tortured in Abu Ghraib surface
Confirmation that military intelligence officials directed the Abu Ghraib abuses
Delta Force soldiers accused of prisoner abuse

"Future historians studying the decline and fall of America will mark this as the time the tide began to turn -- toward a mean-spirited mediocrity in place of a noble beacon. ...We are no longer the world's leaders on matters of international law and peace.... A nation without credibility and moral authority cannot lead, because no one will follow." -- Ted Sorenson, May 21, quoted by Buzzflash

Proof that Rumsfeld, Ashcroft, and White House lawyers authorized the abandonment of Geneva Conventions in regard to Iraqi and terrorist detainees
Former Centcom commander General Anthony Zinni harshly criticizes Iraq invasion, and says Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz should resign
Investigation proves Bush administration errors led to North Korean nuclear capabilities; described as one of history's biggest diplomatic blunders
Chalabi on the run

"[T]he definition of a conspiracy nut is someone who reports the news a year before the New York Times." -- Greg Palast, May 21, 2004, quoted in Buzzflash