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CIA officials murder Iraqi prisoner

Baghdad CIA station chief hounded into resigning over grim assessment of rising insurgency; other CIA officers learn to keep their assessments rosy

The Iraq insurgency is "strategically and operationally insignificant." -- General Ricardo Sanchez, November 1, quoted by Frank Rich p.108

US military commanders dispute Bush claim that foreign fighters are majority of Iraqi insurgents
Scapegoating of US intelligence

"If this is winning, you have to ask the question: How much of whis winning can we stand?" --CBS's Bob Schieffer, referring to the Chinook downing in Fallujah, quoted by Frank Rich, p.109

Congress finds Bush administration misled public about Iraq

$87 billion Iraq spending bill signed into law
Last-ditch Iraqi effort to comply with inspections and terror investigation spurned, press learns
North Korean nuclear belligerence
Halliburton overcharges US government for gasoline

Huge new troop deployments to Iraq