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Administration officials lie about information surrounding attacks
Evidence found implicating Mohammed Atta possibly planted

"The moment I heard the first news about the airline plot, I knew it was just a matter of time until we heard the word Pakistan. Whether it's 9/11, the Bali bombs, 7/7 and now this, Pakistan is always the connection. That's gotta raise some questions." -- a US intelligence agent, quoted in August 2006

Pakistan agrees to cooperate with US on retaliation against al-Qaeda after Armitage threatens to "bomb you back to the Stone Age"
Fleischer lies about possible strike on White House
Bush officials coordinate with Saudi Arabians on PR spin
Outpouring of global support for US
Saudi Arabians allowed to secretly fly out of US
Evangelists blame gays, liberals, ACLU for attacks

"If we members of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy don't get back to our daily routine of obsessive Clinton-bashing, the terrorists will have won." -- Mark Steyn

Congress authorizes military action against terrorists
Bush photo-op at WTC
FBI's Mueller lies about information in hand before attacks
Director of ANG lies about failure of jets to protect targets
Congress denied information about attacks
Rice lies about FAA warnings
Wolfowitz urges retaliation against Iraq
FBI blocks investigation of Flight 93 crash site
Bush wants bin Laden "dead or alive"
Tenet being scapegoated
Up to four other possible hijack teams revealed
Bush asks for British support in invading Iraq
Clark warned of Iraq invasion plans
Bush lies about Taliban's unwillingness to cooperate with anti-terrorist moves
Bush frames terrorist attacks as "evil"
PNAC advises invasion of Iraq
Video footage of Pentagon strike confiscated
9/11 hijackers misidentified
Bush accuses Democrats who do not support his tax cuts proposals of sympathy for terrorists
Useless missile defense system funded
Bush says Americans can fight terror by shopping
Rumsfeld says missile, not airliner, struck Pentagon; confirms that administration knew of attacks
"Terror roundup" nets no terrorist suspects
Bush ignores calls for Department of Homeland Security
Myers repeats administration lie that no one could conceive of terrorists using hijacked airliners
Media doctors Clinton statement to allege that Clinton blames US for attacks
Hijackers' identities in dispute
EPA lies about toxins released in WTC bombings
Bush lies again about events of the morning of 9/11
US releases possibly faked bin Laden video
Bush: "Lucky me, I hit the trifecta"