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"If lying about an act of consensual sex is an impeachable offense, than lying about foreknowledge of terrorist acts certainly ought to be." -- Scot Griffin

towers aflame



So what are we looking at? To my eyes, it looks like a string of lies, evasions, and scurrilous accusations from an administration who, at the very least, dodged and ignored its duty to protect the citizens of this country. It's way past time for an impartial investigation into just what this administration did and didn't know before the events of September 11 -- not the lapdog investigation conducted by friends and colleagues of the administration that we have already experienced. Depending on the kind of information that comes out about this administration's demonstrated incompetence and willful ignorance, then at the minimum, highly placed administration heads should roll, and George W. Bush should think long and hard about his ability to continue running this country. He should also think twice about running for re-election (author's note: not only did he not reconsider running for re-election, he ran on the fear inspired by the attacks). If information comes out about this administration knowingly allowing the attack to take place, or even worse, members of this administration being in any way complicit in the attacks...well, George W. won't be the first president to be impeached. But he might be the first to be convicted of treason.