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Hitler's "Final Solution"
Pearl Harbor attack
Many US conservatives oppose war, side with Hitler
Some US corporations previously involved with the Nazis now switch to helping Allied war efforts; numerous investigations into US corporate connections with Nazi Germany launched, but investigations are largely stymied


"[I]n 1942, when I agitated for black rights, I wondered why I was called a Communist. I didn't even like Communists, from those I'd seen. Certainly it didn't take a Communist to feel that justice should be done. Then I made a fascinating discovery: The word 'Communist' was a catchword and had nothing to do with reality, it was used to discredit an opponent without rational dialogue. You could just say, 'He's a damn red,' and win your point." -- John Henry Faulk

Double V Campaign
Internment of Japanese-Americans



An American military cemetery in Normandy

An American military cemetery in Normandy.


Roosevelt dies; Truman becomes president
Hitler commits suicide
Germany surrenders
Potsdam Conference divides Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia among the Allies
Atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki; Japan surrenders
Ho Chi Minh forms new Vietnamese government
France occupies South Vietnam
United Nations formed

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