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"Torture demonstrates weakness, not strength. It does not show understanding, power, or magnanimity. It is not leadership. It is a reaction of government officials overwhelmed by fear who succumb to conduct unworthy of them and of the citizens of the United States." -- Burton Lee, George H.W. Bush's personal physician and a former Army Medical Corps officer, quoted in the Washington Post

British soldiers are shown abusing Iraqi prisoners
US soldier beating an Iraqi prisoner
US soldier beating an Iraqi prisoner

Private mercenaries and intelligence agents are involved in the prisoner abuse
wired Iraqi prisoner
An Iraqi prisoner, hooded and wired with electrodes.
Taguba report shows abuse to be systematic and approved at high levels
Dead Iraqi prisoner
Iraqi prisoner apparently beaten to death by US soldiers

Naked Iraqi prisoner being menaced by attack dogs
Naked Iraqi prisoner being menaced by attack dogs

Ahmad Chalabi shown to have passed critical intelligence to Iran
Disney refuses to distribute Fahrenheit 9/11
"swift Boat Veterans" organizes to smear Kerry's military record

"Iraqis are sick of foreign people coming in their country and trying to destabilize their country." -- George W. Bush, in an interview on al-Arabiya television

Private mercenaries heavily involved in torture; not accountable to military law

Torture shown to have occured as early as April 2003, and involves prisoners in Afghanistan and Fallujah as well
Bush outpaces Kerry in lobbyist funds raised by more than 3 to 1

Red Cross warned of abuses since the beginning of the occupation
Conservatives defend Abu Ghraib torture as equivalent of fraternity pranks